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Mini Supers

Mini Supers is a diverse collection of 6,969 cute anime girls with varying vibrant personalities! This project is Supers debut mint.

Our supportive, fun, and friendly community have selected and voted on a variety of cute traits within the collection. Every Mini Super is uniquely generated from over 10+ traits and 300+ assets.

The project was begun simply as a labor of love, all the assets are hand-drawn with many hours invested obsessing over small details and fun accessories.

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Mint Price

Buying a Mini Super NFT costs 0.069 Eth for everyone. There is a fixed total supply of 6,969 which will be available to mint at the announced time.
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Mini super sample #7
Mini supers sample #6
Mini supers sample #9
Mini supers sample #3
Mini supers sample #1
Mini supers sample #8
Mini supers sample #2
Mini supers sample #4
Mini supers sample #5


Super is a full-time artist, illustrator, and fashion designer. Artistically Supers style ranges anywhere between abstract, contemporary art, and anime. Outside of the NFT space, Super has been creating art, photography, and fashion for over ten years.

Supers most notable NFT collections include:

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The team behind the Mini Supers project is led by Calvin, the founder of Lucky Zeros and Director of Purebase Studio.

Good friends, Calvin and Colorsuper have both been in the creative industry for 10+ years. Purebase offers a safe place for brands and creators to explore Web3 ventures and engage with the brightest communities in the space. With incredible networking skills, the moderators from Purebase are also contributing to the growth of Colorsuper’s community.

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Distant Future

In the interests of my true supporters, I believe staying creatively nimble is the best way to stay adaptable in such a fast-moving space. For over 10 years I have been creating freely without bullet points to guide me. For artists, this is truly the only way to pursue the best from your ideas.

As I continue to grow as an artist it’s my wish that I find collectors interested in work who are excited to join me on my exploration of the arts. I encourage you to only buy my art if it resonates with you.